Hardware with NO "Strings" attached.

We accumulate with years of experiences gather from each deployment and bundle various hardware to cater for different usage from the retailers. To ensure you can run your business smoothly without having to deal with hardware issues, we only include compatible hardware that recommended by Vend. All hardware come with local warranty and fair pricing. Vend hardware is also design to run on iOS devices where the hardware driver is embedded with the Vend register app making it plug and play, responsive and very stable.

Featured Product

POSIFLEX CR-3100 Series

CR-3100/CR- 3100-US : Printer driven, powered by printer or Posiflex system CR port, support 12V/24V voltage range

CR-3104 : Dedicated Serial, powered by 12V DC PC power kit

CR-3115 : USB, powered by standard USB, auto step up to 12V

  • Compact cash drawer with innovative "Screwless" design
  • Ruggedized with reinforced steel
  • Large ball bearings design for smooth drawer slide
  • Precision mechanical fitting to assure wobble-free operation
  • 5 adjustable bill compartments with plastic bill clip
  • 5 fixed bill compartment with metal bill clip for CR-3100- US