Point - of - sale

View everything in real time, everywhere

Vend Point-of-sale is easy to use, flexible and responsive. It run on iPad with or without Internet connectivity. Vend sell screen let you access to the product details and inventory at the finger tips and give you information that you need to close a deal. It also allow you to capture customer information and retrieve customer details to help you understand your customer. Vend also allow you to make layby sales or account sale to trade B2B.


Selling online is never be so easy

Vend eCommerce is the newest add-on to Vend Omni Channel retail solutions. Beautifully design with thoughtful features that helping retailer to manage inventory, customer, loyalty, sales in single platform. Allow your customer to buy online and collect at the store or gaining loyalty point regardless how they buy from you. The template website let retailer easily change to a fresh look in a few clicks without having to rely on professional website designer. Sell more with less efforts!


Track inventory in one or many store

Vend Stock control give you essential data of the total value of your stock, what is running low and need to replenish, what is selling fast, or moving slowly and if you have the stock in other outlets. Inventory is equal to cost and good control of inventory means healthy cash flow. Vend give you inventory information in real time to make quick decision before it is too late. You will have better control of how to relocate your inventory to the outlets and never overstock again.


Give discount, automatically

Price book let you control the selling price based on different scenario. Because it centralized control, you only have one place to manage your selling price to different customer group, discount date and minimum purchase quantity. Your cashier will not make mistake on giving wrong discount and cause losses to your store and able to sell in confidence. Price book is design to improve efficiency of your cashier operation and ensure you sell like a pro.


Know your customer, make them happy

Customer experiences is the key of the successful retail business apart from pricing. Knowing your customers and show your love to them will make them want to come back and buy from your again (and not your neighbor shop). Is that all? Nope. Vend customer management is doing so much more that! You can open an account in Vend for your customer to keep their credits easily and let them use it in the future transactions OR give them a personal discount, Automatically.


Real time reporting

Dashboard consolidate all your sales and presented in the meaningful matrices that you need to keep track of every aspect of your business. Vend Dashboard is real time reporting and you can monitor your business anywhere anytime from your computer. If you are running multiple outlets, dashboard will consolidate the sales and inventory and give you P&L reading for every outlets you are running and ensure the inventory level never run low.

Gift Card

Create your own "Currency"

Gift Card is a great way to sell for your shop as you will see how relief the husband and boyfriend when come to think of buy for their love one. Gift card may not be the best present but it is the best solutions. Vend has re-innovate the way you sell your gift card without having to input all the card serial number before it can start to sell. Gift card is also secure and flexible as it required to authenticate with Vend server for its validity and allow partial deduction of its value. Want to be more creative? You can brand your gift card too!

Cash Management

Handling cash with care

The newly release cash management features let you keep track of the float, petty cash, and all movement of the cash within Vend. No more dispute and more selling! Vend cash management allow you to monitor the cash starting of the day and keep track of the deposit or withdrawal of money with time-stamp and notes. It reconcile easily and cut down the time for the cashier to perform end of day sales settlement. The register closure note will retain in the systems for future audit and remotely accessible by retailer.

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